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    From crafting digital transformation blueprint to implementing web and mobile apps, ProQod helps businesses amplify productivity powered by Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

  • “I’d like to acknowledge the significant contribution made by ProQod for their impeccable delivery of the program for Singapore Polytechnic. They are professional and knowledgable in their fields.”

    Ms Yenyen Tan, Director of School of Business, Singapore Polytechnic




  • What ProQod Does

    At ProQod, we strategise, design and implement end-to-end software solutions to help your organisation jumpstart and accelerate digital transformation journeys.

    User Experience & User Interface Design

    User Experience & User Interface Design


    All user-friendly and aestatically pleasing products start with robust and comprehensive user experience design journey. At ProQod, we work hand in hand and follow the industrial best practices of User Experience and User Interface Design to meet your business goals in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible.

    Web & App Development

    Web & App Development


    We believe in iterating quickly to push a product to market and adopt Lean practices to optimise software robustness, security and code quality. We also adopt Agile Software Development process to develop and deploy software product iteratively. This means you get the most cost effective solutions and pay no more than what you need throughout the entire product development lifecycle

    Digital Transformation Strategy

    Digital Transformation Strategy


    Integrate digital technology into all aspects of your business to strategically increase competitive edge and accelerate impact across society. We help your business to develop digital transformation roadmap and execute with end-to-end implementation of full-cycle Cloud Computing / Artificial Intelligence / Data Analytics solutions to safe-guide and scale your business.

    Startup MVP

    Startup MVP


    Startups are the birth place of innovations where a group of ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs work tirelessly to realise dreams and challenge the status quo. As a startup and a venture builder, we understand how important time-to-market is for startup to launch and iterate products. We built and iterate Minimal Viable Products (MVP) from zero to one for statups so that the founders can focus on business development and fund raising.

  • Enterprise Solutions

    State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Cloud Computing technologies to turbocharge your organisation's productivity.



    Leverage cloud computing solutions to acquire a safe, scalable and highly effective business environment.


    Turn customer and sales data into insight and supercharge your business.


    Deploy AI powered conversational virtual assistant to automate your business processes.


    Accelerate your sales and increase customer loyalty with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.


    Deploy digital classroom solutions to help streamline operations and manage a myriad of teaching materials.


    Develop reliable software product with bank-level secure to fuel your fintech business.

  • We Are a Startup

    Our Product team strives for delivering digital solutions with highest quality and best practices in the industry, while our customer success team provides undivided attention and does what it takes for your success.


    Satisfied enterprise clients since 2015


    Productivity improvement according to clients


    System uptime SLA with ISO27001 and ISO9001 Software Standards

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